Salt Spring Coffee’s 2nd Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report

It started with an organic farm on an island off of Canada’s West Coast.

Everything in this corporate social responsibility report and everything we have done and will do to live up to our motto—Believe in Being Better—is informed by those roots in organic farming. Pioneering new approaches to sustainability. Collaborating with and growing in step with the people who form the links of our supply chain. Our partnerships with organizations such as B Corp, 1% for the Planet and LOCO BC connect us to practices and projects that improve our relationships with one another and the planet that sustains us. Now we are making a commitment to document those actions and measure the results. This report is how we define better. We see this as the next part of a continuing dialogue that has collaboration as its foundation, and we invite you to be part of the conversation.

Sustainability Vision Statement

We roast to inspire change and we recognize the impact that the coffee industry has on farmers and ecosystems.

We’re committed to being a force for positive change in the coffee industry.

Our goal is to support people and natural systems to thrive along our entire supply chain, from seed to cup.

We carefully consider the big-picture impacts of all of our decisions to make the right choices for the best outcomes in the communities and environments where we operate.

We’re committed to imagining what’s possible to help our customers, employees and farmers lead better lives and thrive.

Change takes root only when we work together. We want customers, suppliers and farmers who are willing to learn, work hard, innovate and collaborate with us to realize our vision.

Our Sustainability Principles

Choose the best for our communities and the environment.

Consider the big-picture impacts of all of our decisions.

Set new goals and continually raise the bar.

Lead the way and inspire others to join us.